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Horse hair is exceptionally tough when braided, but it does require special care in order to prolong its life.

  • Avoid exposing the hair to chemicals, abrasion and high heat.

  • Remove your jewellery if you know you are going to be doing labour intensive or rough activities. Wearing it next to other hard jewellery (like a watch) can increase the risk of fraying or scratching.

  • Remove horse hair jewellery before going swimming or showering.

  • If the hair becomes grubby, you can use a soft toothbrush and a tiny amount of shampoo to gently remove the dirt.  Rinse with warm water and allow to dry before wearing.

  • Rinse (don’t scrub) your bracelet in clean water to remove sweat build-up as required.

  • Use a pair of nail clippers to carefully cut off any stray hairs that may come loose.  The odd hair popping out is nothing to worry about and cutting it off will not compromise the look or strength of the bracelet.

  • It is normal for sterling silver to tarnish over time. Use a special jewellery polishing cloth to clean metal components rather than liquid polish which can damage the hair.  These are available from most jewellers.

  • In the unlikely event of fittings or braids coming loose, please return your bracelet to us so that we can repair it for you free of charge.  Damage as result of excessive force or undue care is unfortunately not covered.


Wear, sweat and chemicals all contribute to the eventual erosion of the silver coating and the brass-coloured base metal may become visible over time. Unlike sterling silver, we recommend keeping polishing to a minimum to preserve the plating.  A silver polishing cloth can however be used if necessary.


A silver polishing cloth is our preferred method of routine cleaning.

The resin surface will likely dull over time with prolonged wear. This can easily be polished back up to full shine.  Use a tiny amount of silver or automotive polish and a soft cloth to buff the resin surface. You may need to use a bit of elbow grease! Rinse well with warm soapy water once done.  Finish with a silver polishing cloth.  You can also can take it to a jeweller for a professional polish.

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